How to Stop Coughing Up Green Mucus

coughing up green mucusCoughing is an act associated with expelling as well as getting rid of any irritating obstruction in the respiratory system passage, however coughing up green mucus can be an indication of bronchial disorder. Coughing is a normal defense mechanism of the body against bacteria, viruses and also other possible cause of disease or disorder. But when coughing produces phlegm, this means there exists a bacterial infection that needs to be treated straight away to prevent it from getting worse. The phrase phlegm itself was derived from the Greek term “phlegma” meaning inflammation.

When an infection exists, mucus starts to build up inside our throats which we cough up to expel. The color of the phlegm or mucus being expelled is dependent upon the type of infection within our bronchial or lung area. Research has revealed that phlegm due to air pollution as well as smoking are usually brownish or rusty in color, whilst those due to asthma will often be pinkish in color. But coughing up green phlegm is often a consequence of bronchial illnesses like tuberculosis along with a certain manifestation of sinus infection. Cough due to allergic reactions also produces phlegm but are usually clear and colorless unless accompanied by any lung disorder as well as infection. Coughing up yellow mucus on the other hand, might point to the presence of viral infection or allergies. It may also mean the patient is suffering from asthma or acute bronchitis or pneumonia.

Coughing up green mucus mustn’t be taken lightly and needs the comprehensive examination of a medical doctor specializing in respiratory ailments. Self-medication at this point will be risky as it can result in more problems and even more mucus build up. Not forgetting the fact that the disease could be communicable. Trying to control the cough via over- the- counter cough suppressants might be damaging as compared to helpful. So when coughing up green phlegm, don’t self-medicate but immediately see a medical doctor. Coughing up green mucus each morning is also true when one is suffering from sinus infection. And when infections exist, there is a need to treat them with antibiotics which only a respiratory doctor would know.

Nonetheless, in between the time one could see a doctor , there are few things that can speed up healing and healing, and prevent disease from getting worse. Let’s take a look at these helpful tips:

– Drink plenty of water. Drinking water helps to ease sticky phlegm as well as flush out blockages in the lung area and respiratory tract. It also improves the body’s immune system and prevents it from deteriorating.

– Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables which can act as organic immunity boosters especially those rich in vitamin C.

– Avoid eating sweet and starchy foods as these may aggravate the cough.

– Limit your intake of meat since it encourages the production of excessive mucus.

– Eat spicy food items laden with pepper as well as garlic since they aid promoting good blood circulation in the lung area and assist remove sputum inside the throat area.

– Take hot showers at least twice every day to help loosen phlegm.

– Have a therapeutic massage to help and enhance blood circulation as well as enable you to unwind your body and rest.

– Take a good amount of rest. This can speed up healing.

Coughing up green mucus is undoubtedly a sign of infection. But the key to a speedy recovery depends on a person’s ability to fight back the infection. This doesn’t necessarily mean that once hit with this type of bronchial infection, that person is unhealthy. Often, in addition to an unhealthy lifestyle, a lot of respiratory diseases tend to be hereditary in nature like asthma. They are not always due to the environment. But staying fit by means of regular daily work-outs and exercises coupled with the right diet could increase your immunity system better.

An fascinating resource in case you would prefer to learn a lot more about coughing: here


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